11.11.11 Right Now

Nadra Angerman

Nadra Angerman

Right Now! Is the “once in a lifetime moment” that happens every 100 years or so.  The 11.11.11 time and date is unusual because it’s a perfect sequence of units that can be read the same way in either direction. Kinda cool if ya ask me.

Significant historical events have been marked by this 11.11.11 sequence:

  • On the eleventh day, eleventh month of the year 1911: A cold snap, known as the Great Blue Norther, caused blizzards and tornadoes throughout the US along with recording breaking temperature dips of 60F. On this day, Kansas City was as warm as 76F in the morning and dropped to 11F by the end of the day. [Weird and chilly, says me.]
  • The eleventh hour, eleventh month of the year 1918 marked the famous day when we began celebrating the end of World War 1 and commemorating the victims of WWI, as well as, all following wars. Happy Veterans Day: Honor Our Veterans! [Really, I insist.]
  • And, in case you’re still reading… Other notable events on November 11th include:
    • 1987 Judge Anthony M. Kennedy nominated to Supreme Court
    • 1940 Willys unveiled its General Purpose vehicle – Jeep
    • 1925 Robert Millikan announces discovery of cosmic rays
    • 1921 President Harding dedicates Tomb of Unknown Soldier (Arlington Cemetary)
    • 1909 Construction of Navy base at Pearl Harbor begins

So back to here and now…

3D printing, rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing announcements for the month of November 2011 as of today include:


So what are you doing right now?
I want to know!

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